Detoxify For Life - Book Preface: Why I Wrote the Book by Dr. J. Cline MD

Our Toxic Environment

'Detoxify for life' is a medical book written by a practicing doctor for patients about the influence of toxic substances on men's and women's health, and how toxicity affects critical organs like the heart, liver and kidneys.

This book gives hope to people who have been suffering from debilitating pain, allergies and illnesses such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome that seemingly have no cure.

Dr. Cline demonstrates, through the use of case studies, how the body can be cleansed and arterial health restored by treatments such as chelation therapy in conjunction with diet and nutrition changes.

Our health today is threatened by the highest levels of toxic carcinogens and poisons the human race has ever been exposed to. There are more chemicals, pesticides and other dangerous substances such as trans fats in the food chain than ever before.

An Easy Read

Written in a clear, concise style without using a lot of obscure medical terminology, this book explores the harmful effects and effective treatment of cellular damage caused by toxic substances, including pesticides and heavy metals, such as lead, mercury and arsenic.

There are many clear illustrations to assist you, and all medical facts are carefully supported by an extensively researched bibliographical reference.

An in-depth series of case studies will help you understand how heavy metals and other toxins in our environment have a direct effect on your health, and you may recognize some of your own symptoms when reading this book.

Whether you have a simple allergy or a complex case of toxic exposure, Dr.Cline will help you find the path back to good health once again.

Find Your Tipping Point

The 'Tipping Point' approach defines the moment where your system goes into abrupt decline, when toxic exposure combined with possible emotional or physical trauma causes rapid health deterioration.

If you are experiencing depression, anxiety, fatigue or any other symptoms discussed in this book, and feel you may have a condition similar to those described on this site, read further and find out where your Tipping Point may have been.

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medical documentation from the book - Detoxify For LifeMy name is John Cline, and I am a medical doctor practicing Integrative Medicine on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. The following book is the culmination of many years of clinical observation, careful listening to what my patients tell me, reading the scientific literature, successfully guiding patients through detoxification programs, and keeping abreast of recent developments by attending a wide variety of courses and conferences.

I first became interested in detoxification many years ago, when my wife and I were faced with a health crisis and seemingly had nowhere to turn. At that time, my wife, Joy, was practically bedridden with Fibromyalgia, which is one of the chronic pain disorders. We became increasingly desperate as Joy’s health declined, despite the treatments provided by our medical system. She tried a number of prescription drugs (from which she often developed side effects); she also tried physiotherapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage therapy, dietary changes, counseling, and so on. None of these approaches proved helpful.

My friend and colleague, Dr. Michael Lyon MD, then suggested that I take training in chelation therapy, which is a safe way to remove toxic metals from the body. Michael’s advice turned out to be a revelation for me, and was the start of my journey into the study of how toxic metals can adversely affect human health. By and by, Joy began getting chelation therapy treatments and to our surprise and pleasure, her health began to improve. I was then privileged to take a course offered by Dr. Paula Bickle BSc, PhD on how to safely remove mercury from humans. This course confirmed the value of chelation therapy and set me on the way to a further, committed study of the effects of toxic exposure on human health.

To further assist Joy’s recovery, we found a dentist who carefully removed the mercury amalgams (silver fillings) from her teeth. At the same time, she began a heavy metal detoxification program that included the judicious use of DMPS chelation (more about this later). Within a few months of these key interventions, Joy had recovered by approximately 95 percent. I have continued to study in this area, and to treat patients accordingly. In the process, I learned much of what is recorded in this book.

In May 2000, I attended a conference in Lexington Kentucky, and while riding in a taxi to the hotel, I was addressed from the back seat by a fellow traveler, speaking with a French-Canadian accent: “Do you know what the TILT Phenomenon is?” I admitted that I had not heard of this concept. The man asking the question was Dr. Jacques Imbeau DMD, a French-Canadian dentist then practicing in New Zealand, and who also had come to Kentucky to participate in the conference. Dr. Imbeau explained that TILT is an acronym for Toxin Induced Loss of Tolerance, meaning that when our bodies accumulate enough toxicants, a tipping point, or tilt, occurs, and our health then deteriorates rapidly in many ways. Until we restore the balance by adequate detoxification, our health will remain impaired.

Subsequently, I came to observe Dr. Imbeau’s Tilt Phenomenon in my own patients and found that most of the chronically ill people I interviewed had indeed experienced a gradual increase in toxic load, often over decades; then a seemingly random event would occur – such as a car accident, emotional trauma, metal or chemical exposure, dental work, and so on. This event in fact proved to be a tipping point, after which the patient’s health suddenly deteriorated, resulting in years of disability. Repeatedly, I have found that identifying the tipping point is crucial for understanding how and why a patient has come to suffer chronically and in ways that defy conventional diagnoses. When detoxification takes place, it is gratifying to observe how a patient’s system tips or tilts back to a healthy equilibrium. I have now observed the Tilt Phenomenon in thousands of patients and I am forever grateful to Dr. Imbeau for bringing it to my attention.

Each year I am invited to a number of medical conferences to lecture on the subject of detoxification. Throughout my travels, I encounter many people who ask lots of questions, largely because many of these people are desperately searching for answers, either for themselves or for friends and loved ones. I am privileged to be on the teaching faculty of The Institute for Functional Medicine, a group of health practitioners and researchers who are committed to teaching others about a new approach in the assessment and treatment of people suffering with chronic illnesses. Attendance at these conferences is steadily rising as more and more health practitioners want to find an effective way to treat the chronic ill health of countless people suffering from exposure to toxic substances. Not surprisingly, an extensive literature is developing in the scientific journals, demonstrating how toxic a world we live in and assessing the impact of toxic exposure on humans. Unfortunately, a great deal of this research is given insufficient notice, and its value needs to be better understood.

One woman who attended my clinic is a psychologist who commented that if I were to work the rest of my career treating chronically ill people with various forms of detoxification, the number I would be able to treat would be “drops in the bucket” compared to the number actually requiring this kind of approach. She suggested that I write a book so that chronically suffering people could learn that other options are available. I have now taken her advice, which I gratefully acknowledge.

I would like also to thank some others who have enabled this project to come to fruition. I want first to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who has given me life, a calling, and a purpose, teaching me the joy of serving others while living on this earth. My greatest teacher is my dear wife Joy, and it is through her suffering that we have both learned a great deal. I would also like to thank my daughters Jayme and Jennifer for their love, patience and support during this project. I thank my parents who instilled in me a love of others and a sense of mission. My professors at the University of Calgary laid the foundational knowledge for all that I do now. Several health care practitioners have had a great influence on me including: Dr. Michael Lyon MD, Dr. Paula Bickle BSc, PhD, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt MD, PhD, Dr. Charles Farr MD, PhD, Dr Leonard M. McEwen MB, PhD, Dr. Anne Sterling Hastings PhD, Dr. Rashid Buttar DO, FAAPM, FACAM, FAAIM, Dr. Boyd Haley PhD, Dr. Peter Brawn DDS, Dr. Jaques Imbeau DMD, FACNEM (Dental), NZDREX, Dr. Jeff Bland PhD, Dr. David Jones MD, and all the staff at The Institute for Functional Medicine. As well, Linda Stone has given wise and timely advice. I would like also to thank my staff at the Cline Medical Centre for their great dedication and for the exceptional care which they offer to the patients who come to us for help. Lastly, I want to thank the thousands of patients who have attended the Cline Medical Centre over the years for all the lessons they have taught us.

Dr. Patrick Grant PhD, FRSC, has attended especially to the composition of the text, both by coaching me and by providing the multiple revisions and reworkings which the script required as it evolved towards its final form. Throughout the book I have included a number of cases that I have treated. I have obtained permission from the individuals concerned, and their names have been changed to protect their privacy.

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