Toxic Body Cleansing Health Benefits: A Medical Doctor's View

Our Toxic Environment

"Detoxify for life" is a medical book written by a practicing doctor for patients about the influence of toxic substances on men's and women's health, and how toxicity affects critical organs like the heart, liver and kidneys.

infotip This book gives hope to people who have been suffering from debilitating pain, allergies and illnesses such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome that seemingly have no cure.

Dr. Cline demonstrates, through the use of case studies, how the body can be cleansed and arterial health restored by treatments such as chelation therapy in conjunction with diet and nutrition changes.

Our health today is threatened by the highest levels of toxic carcinogens and poisons the human race has ever been exposed to. There are more chemicals, pesticides and other dangerous substances such as trans fats in the food chain than ever before.

An Easy Read

Written in a clear, concise style without using a lot of obscure medical terminology, this book explores the harmful effects and effective treatment of cellular damage caused by toxic substances, including pesticides and heavy metals, such as lead, mercury and arsenic.

There are many clear illustrations to assist you, and all medical facts are carefully supported by an extensively researched bibliographical reference.

An in-depth series of case studies will help you understand how heavy metals and other toxins in our environment have a direct effect on your health, and you may recognize some of your own symptoms when reading this book.

Whether you have a simple allergy or a complex case of toxic exposure, Dr.Cline will help you find the path back to good health once again.

Find Your Tipping Point

The 'Tipping Point' approach defines the moment where your system goes into abrupt decline, when toxic exposure combined with possible emotional or physical trauma causes rapid health deterioration.

If you are experiencing depression, anxiety, fatigue or any other symptoms discussed in this book, and feel you may have a condition similar to those described on this site, read further and find out where your Tipping Point may have been.

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Detoxify For Life, the book that will change your life

quote For many years I had a successful family practice, but I found myself often treating the symptoms of illness, rather than getting at the cause of the problem.

I witnessed for myself the remarkable improvement in heart and circulatory health my patients experienced after chelation treatment in the US, and I realized that many others may also be suffering from similar toxic effects that the chelation process was eliminating.

After undergoing extensive clinical training in chelation procedures, I subsequently opened a chelation clinic in Nanaimo, BC for the purpose of treating patients affected by environmental toxicity.

Most of us do not realize how toxic a world we live in. For instance, in 2002, a study was published looking at the levels of toxins found in the stools of newborn babies. The shocking results show significant levels of heavy metals including lead, mercury, and cadmium, as well as a number of insecticides.

This book is about my experiences during the last 10 years of treating thousands of patients at our chelation clinic by practising integrative medicine for health and wellness, with a specific view to eliminating toxic substances from the body.

The individual case studies are real, only the names have been changed. If you recognize some of these symptoms yourself, I sincerely hope this book will help you overcome the toxic influences you may be experiencing, and help you get back on the path to health and wellness.

-- Dr. John Cline MD, BSc

Detoxify For Life

quote Dr. John Cline is a remarkable physician. I have seen some of his patients before and after they were treated, and I fully expected that any book he would write about his medical practice would be every bit as impressive as the results he achieved with those patients. I was not disappointed.

"Detoxify for Life" is an important contribution to our understanding of chronic illness. It should be a textbook in medical schools and should be consulted by healers everywhere.

Basically, Dr. Cline argues that a great many illnesses, physical as well as mental, are caused by the bombardment of the body by toxic minerals, toxic chemicals, and foods to which people are allergic. Even more importantly, he tells us what we can do about this disturbing set of problems."

-- Dr. Abram Hoffer, Ph.D., RNCP, M.D., FRCPC (1917 – 2009)

DR. JOHN CLINE, MD is a medical doctor who utilizes an integrative approach in his practice. Dr. Cline holds a degree in biochemistry (1982) from the University of Calgary, where he graduated with a Medical Degree in 1985. He then completed two years of postgraduate residency in family practice at the Holy Cross Hospital in Calgary and was successfully certified by the Canadian College of Family Physicians in 1987.

Following his residency, Dr. Cline practised family medicine for nine years and pursued post-graduate studies in many aspects of complementary medicine, including environmental medicine, nutritional medicine, chelation therapy, bio-oxidative medicine, neural therapy and functional medicine. In 1996 he opened the Cline Medical Center in Nanaimo expressly for the purpose of practising integrative medicine with a view to detoxification procedures.

Having a particular interest in various detoxification strategies, Dr. Cline has taken extra training through the American Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology and the American Academy of Neural Therapy. He is on the teaching faculty with the Institute For Functional Medicine and frequently lectures at international conferences. He is a co-author of The Textbook of Functional Medicine and has published papers in the peer-reviewed scientific literature.

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