Case Study from Book: Mercury Amalgams Removed, Causes Health Decline (Daniel)

Our Toxic Environment

This book gives hope to people who have been suffering from debilitating pain, illness and chronic fatigue that seemingly have no cure.

Our health today is threatened by the highest levels of toxic carcinogens and poisons the human race has ever been exposed to. There are more heavy metals, pesticides and other dangerous substances in the food chain than ever before.

Detoxify For Life, the book that will change your life
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Dr. Cline's book 'Detoxify for life' is a study of how toxicity affects critical organs like the heart, liver and kidneys.

Dr. Cline demonstrates, through the use of case studies, how the body can be cleansed and arterial health restored by treatments such as chelation therapy, combined with diet and nutrition changes.

An Easy Read

Written in a clear, concise style without using a lot of obscure medical terminology, this book explores the harmful effects and effective treatment of cellular damage caused by toxic substances, including pesticides and heavy metals, such as lead, mercury and arsenic.

It is fully illustrated and all medical facts are supported by an extensive bibliography.


medical documentation from the book - Detoxify For Life Daniel, a 47-year-old schoolteacher, was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome at age 33. Although his energy was significantly depleted, Daniel was still able to teach at that time. Besides trying several other therapies, he had read about the mercury amalgam (silver filling) debate and, when he was 38 years old, decided to get his amalgams changed. He had approximately 15 mercury amalgams and his dentist removed them in one sitting. Following this, his health declined precipitously to the point where he had to take one year off from teaching. In short, the sudden and significant exposure to mercury from the dental work resulted in a negative tipping point which plunged him into ill health. He developed sensitivities to chemicals, severe fatigue, and severe sleep disturbance, outbreaks on his skin, headaches, and "brain fog".

At 43 years old, Daniel began working with a biological dentist who found several cavitations (cavitations or osteonecrosis, are areas of diseased or dead bone in the jaw and are further described in the chapter Our Toxic Mouths). These cavitations were addressed, and extensive neural therapy was done (this procedure is described in the chapter Electromagnetic Fields Can Be Hazardous To Your Health). One year before I met him, Daniel had seen another physician who administered intravenous DMPS, which is the number one chelating agent for mercury and other metals. However, the DMPS was administered too quickly, over approximately two minutes, and Daniel told me the procedure caused his "kidneys to hurt" and after his treatments he felt much worse for several weeks. Nonetheless, his energy slowly began to improve and he was able to participate to a limited extent in sports like skiing, basketball, and volleyball. His sleep was much better, but his cognitive functions were still not as clear as they should have been.

Throughout his life, Daniel had an extensive number of operations including repair of bilateral pelvis and femur fractures which occurred at two years old when he was run over by a car. At 15 years old he fractured a leg, and at 16 he had a tonsillectomy. At 27 he had surgery on his left shoulder and at 32 his left leg was shortened. At 32 he also underwent a hemorrhoidectomy, and two years earlier he had endured several episodes of prostatitis. There were also childhood sexual abuse issues which had been dealt with through extensive counseling.

In his previous occupation as a heavy-duty diesel mechanic, Daniel had several years of exposure to chemical substances, and for many years he had symptoms of dysbiosis (disordered gastrointestinal function) including bloating after he ate, and alternating constipation and diarrhea. On closer questioning, I learned that in his mid-20s he had been incarcerated in a prison in Morocco for two months. During that time, he had constant, severe diarrhea that almost killed him. He told me that his gastrointestinal function had never fully recovered, and that he had tried various herbal cleansing programs with little success.

When I examined him, Daniel appeared well but very thin. He had an upper dental plate and lower partial plate, but his examination was otherwise unremarkable. His CBC (Complete Blood Count), complete blood chemistries, stool testing, and urinalysis were all within normal limits. A DMPS challenge test, completed prior to attending our clinic, revealed elevated mercury (35 mcg, with normal less than 3) but other metals were within reference range.

- Dr. J.Cline, MD BSc

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